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The downturn in the international financial crisis has compounded Australia's tourism industry. Relevant departments recently predicted that Australia will be reduced by inbound tourists this year, more than 4% the past 20 years Australian tourism industry is facing the most severe blow.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data released ,2007-2008 Australian tourism contribution to gross domestic product was 3.6%, while this proportion was 4.7% previously. Therefore, the tourism industry downturn will inevitably affect Australia's economy as a whole.

The largest source of tourism is the lack of trouble. Australian Tourism and Transport Forum executive director 奥利维娅沃 thinking recently pointed out that the traditional
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He also said that if economic conditions continue to deteriorate, the company may be further layoffs.

Some economists believe that Qantas job cuts and other measures related businesses will have a negative impact on the Australian economy. However, Australian Treasurer Huaiensiwang said the Australian government's economic stimulus plan is to gradually play a buffer role.

Immediate challenge for the Australian Tourism Export Council head 马特欣格蒂 that the Australian tourism industry has experienced many times before the fight, but later achieved a rapid recovery. He said he believed "a rainbow after the storm."

Australia's tourism resources are very rich, exotic natural beauty, the unique ecological environment, cultural diversity and contrast the developed economy is the basic condition for the rapid development of tourism.
(A) of the inbound tourism
1968 Australia received only 24 million foreign tourists, 81 million U.S. dollars, tourism foreign exchange earnings. Into the 90's, the Australian economy each year for the tourism industry to bring the output value of more than 200 million Australian dollars, worth of 80 billion Australian dollars. Number of Foreign Tourists in 1996 reached 416.? 50000 visits, tourism, foreign exchange 87. 0.3 billion U.S. dollars, tourism foreign exchange earnings has more than wool, coal, iron ore and wheat, and other traditional export products, became the country's fastest

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