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Helen Altieri
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Take a Stand Essay

“Social Media’s Catalytic Effects on Mental Distress”

In today’s world, one must avoid social media to avoid a heightened risk of mental stress and disorders. Today’s Internet is no longer a necessity to land connections with potential clients or employers. It is no longer just the key to heightened understanding of earthly functions; not just the door to enhancing quality of life and life’s overall level of convenience. Today, the Internet is key to keeping interpersonal relationships alive. The visibility of personal life activity is more than one wants to see; the Internet is now the racetrack on which humans today practice natural selection and evolve:
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Parents in turn must avoid social media themselves to give the right example to their children. The entire family must avoid the use of social media so that everyone feels equally involved, and ultimately satisfied with their interfamilial relationships equally. This process eliminates the risk of jealousy between family members and their close peers. The byproducts of social media that are dangerous to well being are endless; cyber bullying, jealousy, and need for approval are all abstracts that reduce the quality and efficiency of mental functions, and thus diminish mental health. This effect is caused by two general ideas: decreased sense of trust in loving relationships, and competition between friends and enemies that lead to jealousy and strained relationships. For example, “More Information than You Ever Wanted: Does Facebook Bring Out the Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy” points to the cause and effect of exposure to a significant other’s personal page and lowered self esteem, which leads to jealousy and ultimately the end of loving relationships (Nuise, 441). Constant real time exposure to newsfeeds displaying accomplishment and positive pinnacle life events lower inner self esteem levels (Muise 442,) a contributing factor for jealousy between people and their friends and family members. One must note lack of said exposure forces face-to-face resolving of

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