Taking A Past Sales Promotions For The Year 2015 Essay

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The table above shows the results of a past sales promotions for the year 2015. Here you can see the different advertisements stacked up against each other. There are a few important details that we can see from these results. The first being that Bravo would be better suited with a seasonal advertising champagne. I propose that Bravo should focus their advertisements around the most successful times. There are two months that are not pictured above, November and December. In my experience from working for the company for 3 years. I have noticed that during November there is not great increase in the number of students at the academy. Although there is almost always a great influx of students in the month of December. This is usually caused by the correlation of parents buying instruments for their children during Christmas. As a part of this, most parents sign their children up for music lessons right toward the end of December.

Also advertising during the months of August and September could potentially be beneficial. This is the time when children are going back to school. Coincidentally this is the time when parent tend to want to sign their children up for music lessons. These students are often previous students that dropped lessons at the end of the school year. In addition, Bravo tends to gain a reasonable amount of new student shortly after the school year. One could attribute this to parents trying to find something constructive for their children to do while…

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