Teaching Is An Career Choice Essay

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In a society where children must attend school up to the collegiate level, teaching is an impactful career choice. Teachers help contour the minds of future leaders of this world. Furthermore, teachers play a crucial role in guiding students to the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in life. As well as that, teachers lead students to make informed decisions on any topic they meet in the future (“High School Teachers”). As a teacher, one must relinquish their knowledge to their students, preparing them for all the obstacles they face later in life.
II. Preparations and Qualifications To become a teacher, one must be substantially educated. In most cases, a Bachelor’s degree is required for a teacher to be employed. The Bachelor’s degree is in the field they plan to teach with a specialty in Secondary Education. Although only a bachelor’s degree is required, a Master 's or Doctorate Degree in their field is more employable (“High School Teachers”). As well as a degree, a teacher also must complete a student teaching internship. The internship allows experienced teachers to mentor the aspiring teachers (“Educators”). Student teaching allows juvenile and inexperienced teachers to become confident in their ability to command the classroom. In addition to the education and training teachers need, they must have limitless knowledge in their field and be open to find the information they happen not to know. After college and in preparation for teaching, one…

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