The And The United States Essay

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Where to invade next really does put into perspective the fact that a lot of nations are doing so much better than the United States, whether it’s the prison system, education, or what the lunch room is giving out. The fact of the matter is that America is far from the top of the list in so many ways. It also shows how needy the United States really is for the things that other nations have. What is basically happening in it, as said in the trailer, Michael Moore goes to countries all around the world and tries to find the things that America needs and take them home with him. A great example of this is where he goes to a Norwegian prison, only to find that there are only a handful of guards, and the inmates are supervising themselves with seemingly no trouble (Schwarz, 2016). This is not the case in America. To see so many other countries doing much better in parts where the US is failing badly is to sort of say that America has a lot of change that it needs to go through in order to better itself. And to hear that school kids in France are able to have one-hour long lunch breaks, that consist of multi course meals is to say that they’re being treated like royalty almost while America is sort of scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to it’s lunch meals (Schwarz, 2016). Though what really defines how bad America is having it in my opinion is its prison system, where it has the highest incarceration rate in the world (Shelden, 2004). For an American citizen to…

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