The Balance Of Power Of Desdemona And Othello 's Marriage Essay examples

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The balance of power in Desdemona and Othello’s marriage is unusual for their time period. It is traditionally expected at this time that the man courts the woman, and generally is the one in charge of making decisions. Desdemona turns this stereotype on its head, reversing the roles on several occasions. Othello is a friend of her father, who often has him over to tell stories of his conquests. Overhearing these stories spark Desdemona’s interest in Othello. She goes out of her way to find him and convinces him to tell her these tales first-hand. In this way she claims Othello as her own before he has the chance to court her. Othello seems to only express his love of Desdemona to others, rather than her, as it seems he has created an image of an innocent girl being his wife rather than loving Desdemona for the strong, caring woman she is. It is entirely possible that this backwards affection is caused by the fragility of Othello’s masculinity. Her presence makes him feel less like a man, and for understandable reasons as in their relationship it is almost always Othello that is causing drama or crying while Desdemona remains calm and respectable throughout the entire play. When Othello runs in yelling at her about losing his special handkerchief and calling her a whore Desdemona shrugs the accusations off and attempts to focus his attention on reappointing his lieutenant. This interaction proves that not only is she more concerned with the fate of their army and nation than…

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