The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life Essay

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The Beginning of the Rest of My Life
Admit not one of us ever thought about how we would feel in our junior year of high school when we were running around the playground avoiding some poor, unfortunate soul yelling ‘Ew! So-and-so has cooties.’ We still avoided thinking about it in seventh grade when we spent hours the night before planning an outfit that would impress the cute kid in class. Yet, we still got here and now were planning our next step and seeing everything we every really knew stripped away because come the summer after senior year there is no more ‘I’ll see all my crowd in the same halls and the same classes at the beginning of next year.’ Instead, we go somewhere totally new. Whether or not it is one mile from home or one hundred plus miles from home we are thrust into this totally new environment where the crowd someone ran with in high school has no meaning, at least not really, because in a new place a person gets the chance to start over and the dreams that have always been begging to be chased are all right within reach but to reach them one has to crack open a book, listen to the teacher, and do everything to the greatest extent of his or her abilities to make that dream that is so close but still so far away become a reality. But, before any of that can ever happen one has to first pick the school of their dreams.
For me that would definitely be the University of Glasgow even though it is located across an ocean in Scotland the University of Glasgow…

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