The Benefits Of Human Cloning Essay

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As science is consistently improving, generation after generation, one can wonder what is in store for mankind’s progression. Humans are the most intelligent, ergonomic, and dominant species known to inhabit this little blue marble known as Earth. However, as science progresses, morals and ethics become a deciding factor in whether certain scientific experiments can be performed. Human cloning is an argument whose dividing line is ethics. Human cloning has been a topic of debate for now a matter of centuries, and the majority of those who strongly oppose of it are people who have religious affiliation and uphold the belief that nobody can play the role of god. However, it is widely known that the benefits of human cloning definitely overshadows the disadvantages. The disadvantages are that it’s somewhat pricy, can be a moral issue for some that strongly believe in the special value that life holds. as well as increasing the loss of individuality. However, the benefits would be that it could get rid of genetic defects, have further insight on how to reverse the aging process, replace and grow human organs, reduce the chance of extinction for an endangered species, and provide as a backbone for human reproduction to those whom must seek alternatives due to infertility. Cloning is definitely an issue that is in a game of tug-of-war, but the side that is in support of human cloning is farther away from the mud.
The most prominent and popular reason why human cloning is…

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