The Benefits of Year Round Education and Extended School Days

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Year round education (YRE) is implemented in 436 U.S. school districts with very few complaints. In fact, school districts that have been participating in YRE and extended school days (ESD) are raving about the benefits in pupil's achievement level, their new found enthusiasm in learning, as well as the many programs that exist in the extended day promoting the decline in latch key children. Some schools decided to initiate YRE and ESD because of swelling enrollments and lack of student achievement. There were many issues raised when deciding if YRE and ESD were a step in the right direction. For one, we are all creatures of habit, and to implement a new school schedule would mean extensive changes. Second, how would this effect the …show more content…
Revenues from parents far exceed $1 million per year and parents only have to pay a dollar per hour per child for after school programs. No one child is excluded because a parent can not or will not pay (Jones, 1995). To keep the programs affordable, they identified many live assets that could be tapped to support the extended learning time. Murfreesboro's capital assets included nine school campuses valued in excess of $65 million (Jones, 1995). These schools traditionally sat idle all but 180 days a year as all children were sent home by 3 p.m. (Jones, 1995). The school's district believes that no profit-making business could survive allowing an investment of that magnitude to sit idle for so many hours of the year, and a school shouldn't either. Murfreesboro receives around $300,000 for Chapter 1 Programs and $150,000 from Tennessee's Career Ladder Extended Contract program. These funds are primarily used to pay personnel who work during the extended hours/days (Jones, 1995). More public revenue also is available because of the interest in providing quality childcare (Jones, 1995). Their city schools receive $100,000 annually from the Department of Human Services because the extended school program is meeting school-age childcare needs. They also capitalized on already existing human resources by using them more flexibly. Flexible time schedules have been set up for teachers and educational assistants (Jones,

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