The Birth Of Marriage And The Divorce Of The Wedding By Andrew Francis Tan And Hugo M. Mialon

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According to an online Time Magazine, 60% of Husband and Wives check their bank account more often than they have sex. (One Money Habit). It is no surprise that married couples look over their bank account, they probably have joined account. Money and Marriage go hand in hand. Before couples even get married, they have to spend money on the diamond ring, and extravagant wedding. Money plays a huge role in shaping a relationship, especially in a marriage, since financial dispute is one of the predictor of divorce. Most marriage difficulties are due to money.
To start, the more money you spend on the wedding can determine the duration of marriages. A study done by Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M. Mialon, which study 3,000 ever married person found that “spending $1,000or less on the wedding is significantly associated with a decrease in the hazard of divorce in the sample of all persons and in the sample of men, and spending $20,000 or more on the wedding is associated with an increase in the hazard of divorce in the sample of women.” (Francis Andrew). Money you spent on your wedding affects marriage in the future. Spending money on a bachelor and bachelorette parties is costly. Not to mention the money that is going to be spent on the wedding dress, the photograph, and the reception. After the wedding cost, the married couple is probably already having financial problems, because their wedding was so expensive. This can cause financial dispute, after the honeymoon state is…

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