The Canterbury Tales And The Tragedy Essay

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The Canterbury Tales and the tragedy Othello are two very well-known literary pieces written hundreds of years ago. The collection of stories in the Canterbury Tales and the tragedy Othello both have numerous characters that play an important role in each of the stories, but the main focus of this essay will be on the topic of manipulation, which narrows down the characters in focus to just two. The characters in focus will be the Pardoner from the The Canterbury Tales: Pardoner’s Tale and Iago from Othello. Comparing the two characters, many similarities and differences are found. We cannot deny that either of their ability to manipulate is lacking. As a result, choosing who the better manipulator is is a question that is not easily answered.
Before skipping to conclusions on who is the better manipulator, we must dive into both of their backgrounds. Both of these characters have been argued to be great manipulators in the literary world. So, starting off with the Pardoner, he is a preacher; however, he preaches mainly based on one theme, which is, “Radix malorum est Cupiditas.” In other words, it means that greed is the root of all evil ("The Canterbury Tales” 710). The sermon that is preached by the Pardoner is all a part of his plan. He preaches about how greed is the root of all sin and as a result, the audience is left feeling guilty. Then, he transitions from the sermon to the presentation of his claimed “Holy” relics. He tells the audience that with offerings made…

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