The Characters That We Involved in the Death of Hedda Gabler Essay

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How do each of the characters react to the others in the last act of the play. How does this contribute to Hedda’s last action?
Hedda’s last act in the play was her ‘beautifully done’ suicide. He suicide was caused by a variety of reasons, which shall be discussed in the following paragraphs. All the characters can be seen as directly contributing to Hedda’s suicide.
When one scrutinizes Brack in the last screen, the evidence reveals that he had a major role to play in the suicide. In the last act of the play, Brack blackmails Hedda by threatening to reveal the secret of he giving the gun to Lovborg, which led to his suicide. When Brack was revealing the news about Lovborg’s suicide, Hedda’s exclamations about intimate details about
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Tesman’s oblivion towards all the other characters and also towards Hedda might
Thea, Hedda’s nemesis, is another major influence on Hedda’s suicide. Hedda’s feelings towards her go back a long way which do not help the current situation. Thea’s hair is Hedda’s primary concern. The quality of hair that Thea has is lacking in Hedda. We always see her stroking Thea’s hair as an object of envy and contempt. Hedda has always envied Thea for her hair or otherwise since she has qualities which are highly desirable by Thea. Hedda also desires Thea’s ‘child’ with Lövborg as it is something that would like as she used to like Lövborg in the past. Finally, the recreation of the ‘child’ with Tesman also becomes a point of jealousy with Hedda as it is the recreation of a ‘child’, which was destroyed by Hedda. Thea’s part in Hedda’s suicide is clear-cut. Hedda clearly was green-eyed of Thea and her achievements and control.
Aunt Julle was another factor of Hedda’s death Her constant pestering of Hedda’s pregnancy angers Hedda (‘Ah, it’s a good thing you back at last’). It sows that Hedda cannot bear the company of Aunt Julle. She has always been on the edge with Aunt Julle and this has been the same way since their initial meeting. To Hedda, Aunt Julle is an annoying person. Hedda also does not like the way that Aunt Julle will spend so much time with the

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