Essay about The Cost Of Air Transportation

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When travelers are considering going out of town on a trip, they should consider ground transportation instead of air transportation, which is more environmentally efficient and more inexpensive. Public transportation, such as buses and trains are an excellent source of transportation due to the fact that it can get you from one place to another quickly for an inexpensive price. For instance, a person could get a seven-day pass for their vacation for only twenty-eight dollars versus about $300 for a plane round trip. In comparison, metered taxis, rental cars, and Uber price ranges are a little higher than buses and trains. They usually charge you by the minute or mile, which could be a problem if you are traveling long distances. However, it is more flexibility with a traveler’s needs than other sources of transportation. Even though the airline industry is rapidly increasing each year, the ground transportation industry is expanding its amenities to tend to the desires of travelers. The external forces influencing this source of travel is weather, seasonality, and exchange rates. This article was relatable since I want to work in a large city, such as Chicago or Atlanta, and ground transportation is more convenient for moving from different places in these areas.
If travelers are looking for a place to find luxury, they should travel to Las Vegas, Nevada. They can accommodate themselves in the best hotel resorts on the Strip, “outfitted with the highest quality furnishings…

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