The Cost Of Universal Studio Essay

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Suppose the following situation. Spring Break is coming, you want to do some entertainment with lots of fun and good souvenirs. Besides, you do not want to return home in a hurry just for cooking dinner. Then you come up with the amusement park, which can fulfill all of the requests. Next problem is coming. There are so many amusement parks, which one is better? After excluding some options by factors such as distance, there are only two left, Universal Studio and Disneyland. However, you are under a dilemma now. Which one do you going to choice? Price is always the first thing people concern when a decision has to be made. The ticket of Universal Studio is 85 dollars during the Spring Break, and it is no difference between adults and children. Disneyland is a little expensive, it needs 119 dollars to get a ticket for adult, and 113 dollars for child. However, they both have other ticket options. In Universal Studio, VIP Experience, which is a priority to all the facilities and a right to other special activities, is another choice of ticket. However, the price of VIP is roughly three times of the regular one. On the other hand, because Disneyland has two parks, Disney Park and Disney California Adventure Park, there is an option called Hopper Ticket to play within both parks. Another necessary cost is parking fee. It costs 10 to 20 dollars to park in Universal Studio, depends on the distance between the parking place and entrance. The parking fee in…

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