The Dangerous Consequences Of Growing Inequality By Chuck Collins

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The Dangerous Consequences of Growing Inequality by Chuck Collins argues that the burgeoning gap between the upper and lower classes has strenuous personal and economic ramifications. He summarizes the pressures facing households and the economic inequalities that undermine the security of families, threaten our democratic institutions and economy, deteriorate our public health as well as breaking down our social cohesion. The ever so important middle class has been vanishing right before our eyes, there is a strain on relationships between ourselves and our neighbors, families and co-workers which prevents our society from uniting and striving for greatness. As a greedy and power hungry society we completely forgot what is most important, our fellow citizens and their well-being. Collins’ essay is an effective argument for social justice because he shows that even though our economy has thrived throughout the decades those profits have not trickled down to the working class people. It is becoming more difficult for the lower and middle classes to climb the ladder of success and live comfortably.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s a second wage worker household became more popular as more women began to enter the work force due to falling wages. Temporary and part time workers began to appear more frequently in the work force, which cut the need of paid vacation for employers. The amount of hours worked in each household increased although the benefits decreased. In a two earner…

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