Essay about The Death Of Death And Death

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Death Doesn’t Ask for Permission
Everyone knocks on your door when they enter; unless it’s a thief then they use a different way. But what 's worse is death, with no previous warning or cracks on the door it takes you. That angel of death is very intelligent. Looking back to a heartbreaking experience I had to endure. I can promise death for sure doesn 't ask for permission. I have come to understand the cycle of life and death, and how one can leave this world unexpectedly. Until this day, I have been constantly reminding myself that life is short and when death knocks on your door, you can’t really call 911 or do anything. Now my thoughts towards death and what happens after I die became more distressing and uncontrollable. I’ve come to understand that I have limited time in this world, these thoughts were generated after the day I saw Safa, a dear cousin of mine died slowly but painfully leaving this world due to a liver disease she suffered from.
Safa was like a baby in my eyes, innocence and joy filled her soul. She would always be mistaken for a 12yr old rather than an 18yr old because of her “fun size”. However, her eyes would always be yellow and her skin was always rough like sandpaper. She was part of all the childhood memories I cherish. At times, we laughed so hard until we felt pain in our stomach; I once thought we would die if we laughed harder. My summer vacations couldn’t have been as fun without her.
Last summer, we went on vacation to Yemen. The…

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