Essay about The Debate Over Human Cloning

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Wherefore are these people even having kids in the first place? Just because you can pick the parents for your clone, this does not mean that they will be raised to be good or decent people, it is what you can educate your child and how they will be raised. Another cause is that if the parent can guarantee a long and healthy life for their kids. This is an acceptable reasoning because every parent will want this for their kids, but with choosing a cloning option, there is no promise that they will not get ill and die from something that they are unprotected in their lives.

The idea of cloning humans has always created debate, raising ethical and moral issues. As investigation and experiments continue search into the frontiers of technology and science, we get closer everyday to the possibility of cloning becoming a reality. In fact, it is impractical to suppose it will never happen. To deal with the suggestion of cloning, we should hesitate to think about the cost cloning would have on public. Human cloning is immoral because we cannot know the outcome, because to adjust societal roles, and because it degenerate humanity. Attempts are made across the world to create the first cloned human being without first considering the results and consequences.

This essay will focus on the ethical and moral confusion surrounding the science of cloning and why it should be avoided. We should first comprehend our own limits and balance them with logical thinking. Ethics require doing…

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