The Debate Over Human Cloning Essay

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Imagine a world where replacing a heart or liver as quickly as possible was as easy as shopping at the grocery store. A world where infertility was no longer a barrier in order to have a family. All of this, and much more, can be possible through using the cloning process on humans. This ability to duplicate an embryo is a power often considered as “Playing God”, thus frowned upon by most religions. Even though it is opposed by some out of fear of breaking either morale or human laws; human cloning grants many benefits including: medical advancement, help with infertility, and a stronger work force.
When the public thinks of cloning, they imagine an exact duplicate of a single human being. This is an image that has been influenced by media and culture alike; most commonly seen in Science Fiction. Cloning comes in many different forms, but the most common form of cloning is somatic cloning. This is taking a cell and cloning it up to a certain point for example: cloning a cell to and organ, or an organ system. This means not necessarily cloning to the point of creating a functioning human being, with the ability of free will. This shows that it is possible to clone in a safe manor, as well as staying within human rights. Even so, it continues to be rejected by most religions due to its “God-like” power and inhumane ability to harvest organs from a part of God’s creations. Cloning is a powerful force that is opposed by many due to personal belief. One of the biggest opponents…

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