The Design Of The Units Essay

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Each Unit is composed by two lessons and each Lesson is formed by General Lesson Objective and Enabling Objectives. The design of the Units are made in an escalated form starting with the familiarization of the learner will ethical concepts related to the field of medicine, and later on progressing through the units to more complicated subjects, such as Tort Law, Confidentiality, Abortion, Cloning.
A challenging portion into any educational experience is to select a method of assessment that will demonstrate students’ knowledge and skills acquired during the course. There are many different choices to measure students’ performance. In this course the students’ performance was assessed through formative assessment and summative assessments. A variety of activities were implemented outside and inside of the classroom, with emphasis in exposing the learners to real-life situations scenarios, some of them having the feature of encountering real patients and medical practitioners.
Module Methods of Evaluation:
• In class activities 30 %
• Out of class activities 20 %
• Class Participation and Discussion 10 %
• Quizzes 20 %
• Comprehensive Exam 20 %.
Module Grading Scale:
Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Percentage
A 4.0 Excellent performance 90-100
B 3.0 Satisfactory performance 80-89
C 2.0 Average Performance 70-79
F 0.0 Failure to Perform Under 70

An important part of a successful learning experience is the opportunity for learners to feed back to instructors their…

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