The Divorce Rate Of Canada And Theu.s Essay

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The divorce rate in Canada and the U.S is between 40 to 65 percent of marriages, which means that there there is a fair chance of marriages these days ending in divorce. This rate is highest in black families, which may be due to the fulfillment of the self-fulfilling prophecy or the stereotype threat that are portrayed about black families, that may ultimately ruin or separate partners’ marriages. Also, because of a racist economy and society, this may explain why African Americans may have less access to helpful marriage resources, such as marriage counseling, that would assist in creating skills needed to maintain healthy relationships or turn unhealthy relationships into healthy, happy ones. Also black families tend to be more egalitarian, which often means that they are tend to hold more liberal ideas that may idealize divorce less negatively than those who hold conservative, traditional beliefs. Asian women may have lower divorce rates because they tend to remain more true to their cultural beliefs that often shuns the idea of divorce. Instead, their beliefs idealize women as submissive to their husbands, which would ultimately prevent them from divorcing their partners even if they wanted to. They also have very strict gender roles, and many times, they will simply accept the conditions of their marriage under these standards, even if this means they are unhappy, as they may feel a divorce would be betraying their culture and embarrassing their family. As the book…

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