Essay on The Effect Of Divorce On Children

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The Effects Of Divorce On Children
Let’s be honest, divorce is one of those trending topics that we all love to gossip about but never really discuss. We enjoy sharing the latest scandal and drama from Hollywood, but truthfully we pray not to see the same demise. In reality, divorce is as close to a battlefield as most civilians will ever experience. Opposing sides fighting for their own personal freedoms and the factors that caused the breakup become ammunition. Unfortunately between these two opposing parties, children can be thrust into battle unwilling, becoming voiceless victims and prisoners of war. Which brings us to question, do we as parents do enough to protect our children during the divorce process or do we leave it to the state? Among the long road of hearings, parenting plans, and custody, do we truly consider what is best for the children? As adults, going through the process can be brutal but the effects of a divorce can linger long into adulthood, causing post-traumatic stress due to mental neglect, physical loss, and financial instability.
Mental Neglect
The breakdown of a marriage can be contributed to many heavy factors such as adultery, poor communication, financial woes, etc. Although these issues can be resolved with counseling or assistance, many marriages are unable to carry the weight. Once someone feels they have been carrying more than their fair share, a once peaceful household can become hostile territory. When children are involved they can…

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