The Effects Of Artificial Insemination On Women 's Body Essay

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Artificial insemination is a cell fusion from outside the body. It requires fertilization but not mating and is when sperm is collected from the male and inserted into the female’s vagina for fertilization to occur. This procedure of Insemination increases the chance that the sperm will fertilize an egg. It is advantageous in situations where it is costly or difficult to bring the male or female together of if natural conception cannot happen. For example, sperm can be collected from a good, healthy bull in England and be transported to Australia and can be used to impregnate a chosen cow

IVF, in virtro fertilisation, is an artificial reproductive organization technology where the fertilization occurs outside the woman’s body. the fertilisation of the egg doesn’t happen inside the women’s body but in glass dish. In virtro meaning “in glass”. This type of fertilisation may alter genetic composition of a population.” IVF is usually used when a person is sterile. Meaning the genes would have been eliminated in natural populations because the organism is sterile. It will be passed onto offspring and remain part of the population”. Sperm banks are created so that desired characteristics’ can be obtained.

Artificial insemination and pollination have been used in agriculture to produce a large amount of organisms with the desired characteristics’. However, this results in a reduction of biodiversity. On the contrary id artificial insemination is used for humans, it can…

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