The Effects Of Divorce On Adults And Children Essay

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experience abuse than unmarried couples who are living together. Thus, marriage at this point is the safest relationship for those who are in romantic relationships. To sum, research shows the most common reason given for divorce is lack of commitment as a major reason. Other significant reasons such as “too much arguing (56%), infidelity (55%), marrying too young (46%), unrealistic expectations (45%), lack of equality in the relationship (44%), lack of preparation for marriage (41%), and abuse (29%)” are observed in Doherty’s study (2013:44).

Effects of divorce on adults and children
Divorce is problematic because of the negative effects on children as well as the difficulties for adults. Mooney et al. (2013) studied that “divorced individuals have more health problems and a higher risk of mortality than married individuals” (p. 152), which is about physical and mental problem. The authors also discovered adults who are divorced are more likely to feel unhappy, depressed, and anxious. In addition to the economic consequences, divorced individuals dramatically face with a drop in income. In fact, women’s income seems to drop more sharply than men’s income. Compared with married individuals, divorced couples do not have either a high standard of living or wealth, plus they have to deal with personal burdens. These differences are applied on women much more than on men as reported in another study by Mooney et al. (2013). How about the children? Does the end of their parents’…

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