The Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Academic, Social And Emotional Development

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The Effects of Divorce on Children’s Academic, Social and Emotional Development
Biby Chahine
Concordia University It is currently projected that 40.7% of all marriages in Canada will end before the thirtieth wedding anniversary (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2015). With about 33% of all first marriages ending, and about 16% of people divorcing more than once in their lifetime, divorce is no longer a very rare event in families (Feldstein, 2013). It used to be that divorce was a bit of a “taboo”, something that represented a kind of personal failure, and that disgraced you in the eyes of society. Nowadays, it has become more and more socially acceptable, and in many cases it even improves men and women’s happiness and quality of life. Separating couples often make the right choice when deciding to go through with a divorce, yet they know that it was their decision, and thus can actively cope with the changes it ensues. When these couples have children, however, their lives are also changed suddenly by the divorce, but they rarely have any say in these alterations. This, apart from the fact that children and adolescents are usually not mature enough to completely understand and accept the situation, can cause a lot of harm in the children’s lives. Therefore, although divorce has become more and more acceptable in society, its consequences on children are still important to monitor, since it can lead to decreased academic performance, an increase in behavioural…

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