The Effects Of Divorce On Our Society Essay examples

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What is divorce? Divorce is to dissolve the marriage bond between two people or to separate or disunite. In today’s generation, getting a divorce is more common than working on keeping a marriage together. There are many causes for divorce, as there are many reasons people give to divorce. Many factors contribute to divorce, such as, lack of communication, finances, insecurity/trust issues, and religious/cultural differences. Divorce is a sign of inability to get along or both partners growing apart. Either way, society plays a big part, when it comes to divorce. People tend to mimic, what one see on television or read in articles and based their own relationship to media views. Alexander House, the article, “The Impact of Divorce on our Society”, suggests, “There are 2.3 million marriages a year, with over 1.2 million divorces-a failure rate of over 50%. Statistically 40% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end up in divorce.” (Impact of Divorce) The question, what causes couples to divorce? Lack of communication always tops the list, which can have several factors to a failed marriage. Without communication, a marriage will not function property and may lead to divorce.
Lack of communication can be detrimental to a marriage. Relationships come with conflicts. If there is lack of communication between a husband and wife, conflicts are difficult or impossible to resolve. Lack of communication also can lead to unnecessary…

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