The Effects Of Divorce On The United States Essay

895 Words May 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Families in the United States evolve over time. It seems now traditional family values are changing more often, whereas in the past values were meaningful and everyone lived by them. In our society today, there have been an increase in diverse family, partial upbringing of children, economic changes within the family and reproductive technologies. Marriages in this generation usually end in divorce. Usually in recent decades those who get married end up divorce months or years later. According to the text, “the U.S. divorce rate has more than tripled over the last century”. The causes of divorce is when there are no love between two people or when one person does not have feelings for the other anymore, spending less time with each other, focusing on other things such as family, friends, jobs, income, or committing adultery. My mom and dad had five kids four girls and one boy, they were together for six years then got divorced. My dad cheated on my mom because he said he fell in love with someone else. This was hard for us five, we didn’t know how to react at first. As time went by we accepted it and supported their decision, and even though both my parents are now deceased we still feel sadness in our hearts that it never worked out for them. The other trend is families in the twenty-first century living a more diverse life such as living as a cohabiting family, single parent family, gay and lesbian family, blended family, and multigenerational household. I can…

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