The Effects Of Divorces Have On Children Essay

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The Effect Divorces have on Children

We say children are the future … right? Well when a child goes through a divorce, many of the lose theirs. Recent studies have proven children who have parents that are going through a divorce have more problems than those that do not. As a result of separation of the parents in the child’s life can cause a bundle of stress, loss of concentration, or even worse depression. Divorces may even seem beneficial to the parents but it is really anything at all? To help a child grow in life they need a foundations leverage, so when considering divorce don’t only think about yourself, but the children as well. Children in this century have to deal with so much. They have to deal with custody issues, stepparents, fighting and much more. Some children even need therapy later on in life. All families and marriages aren’t perfect but they don’t have to ruin a child’s life.
Many people in this century go through a divorce. Some ends better than others. Many children do not take them as well as others. One thing a child shouldn’t have is stress. Making a child go through this process is not only sad it’s stressful and depressing. “Children ought not to be victims of the choices adults make for them,” (Michelle Weiner Davis, author of The Divorce Remedy). Stress can cause a child to have a hard time at school. Their grades may begin to decrease because of the lack of focus they have. If a child doesn’t excel in school they won’t succeed in anything…

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