The Ethical Implications Of Cloning Essay

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A heated debate is waiting to explode over the ethics of cloning and what dangers come from genetic cloning. One of the focuses of this debate is what are the risks and safety violations with allowing for genetic cloning to continue and what could happen to humans as this technology develops. Animals are the main test subjects on the effects of cloning to attempt to determine the possible effects that could happen to humans if more technology is developed. As more animals are continued to be tested companies want these cloned animals to be processed for food. Genetic cloning of animals for meat is wrong because there could be potential dangers towards humans, more animals create a problem with food and water supply, and the amount of land that will be needed to provide for these extra animals. In today’s work with cloning, animals have been the main development with determining what outcomes are possible. The main reason for expanding to other breeds of animals is food purposes for people. No animals that have been cloned are permitted to be served as food, however as more tests are done there is a better opportunity for the meat to become food. In other European countries, compared to America, there has been legislation passed that makes cloning humans illegal. The theory on human cloning is not allowed to grow in these countries past the animals that have already been tested. In the United Nations, the“political leaders of the 40 member countries of the Council of…

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