Essay about The Ethics Of A Human Fetus

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People have been fighting over the ethic of abortion in the past several decades. Different philosophical approaches have their own explanations. In this paper I shall defend one of Peter Singer’s consequentialism argument for abortion that it’s not wrong to kill a potential human being. Then, offer a deontological reply from Don Marquis’ point of view that killing is wrong because it deprives victims’ future life. Lastly, show how Rosalind Hursthouse using virtue ethics approach avoids the weakness of the two preceding traditional approaches about the argument, the uncertainty of the status of fetus and the intangibility of acting right or wrong.

The argument against abortion that Singer denied. (138):
First Premise: “It is wrong to kill a potential human being.”
Second Premise: “A human fetus is a potential human being.”
Conclusion: “Therefore, it is wrong to kill human fetus.”

Singer is standing at the utilitarianism angle to judge abortion. From the argument above, he thinks the second premise is strong whereas it makes the first premise weaker. (Singer, 138) There are three parts to defend Singer’s argument by denying the first premise. Firstly, being a potential human doesn’t give you right to live. Indeed, a human fetus would have cognitive functions (rationality, autonomy, self-consciousness, etc.) in gradual process of development and there is no doubt that potential human beings are different from animals. However, we cannot say killing a human fetus is on…

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