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Running head: The Ethics of Cloning

The Ethics of Cloning
Team D:
Casey Krueger, Erin Lee, Ferdinand Malarayap,
Marvin Monge, and Ibrahim Mortada
August 14, 2011
DeVry University Online

Stem cell research and cloning have become a major topic of interest in countries all around the world ever since Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned in 1997. Every single country has their own views about stem cell research and cloning because of their moral and ethical issues. Muslims, for example, are individuals who are firm believers that knowledge is acquired in a form of worship, and any human achievement must be performed in conformity with God’s will. The introduction of new science in Islam is not perceived with open arms and new
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The first cloned animal was created in the late 1800’s by the name of Hans Dreisch and his goal was to prove that genetic material is not lost when a cell division occurs.
There are three types of cloning. The first one is the reproductive cloning, and most people think when they hear the word 'cloning' is reproductive cloning. Reproductive cloning involves constructing an egg using genetic material from another source, and then the egg develops into an embryo, before being planted in a female host's uterus so that it will continue to develop. The second type is DNA cloning (deoxyribonucleic acid) which is a method whereby extracted DNA is replicated from a host using plasmids and even individual genes can be replicated. Lastly, therapeutic cloning is similar to reproductive though stem cells are extracted from the embryo it is used to treat the host and it has many medical benefits for treating many types of diseases, but highly contentious due to the destruction of the embryo from stem cell extraction.
Hans Dreisch was the first scientist to prove that genetic material was not lost during cell division. Since this is very important, especially when it comes to cloning, his work helped further advance cloning. Dr. Dreisch was not at all interested in cloning as he was in proving that genetic material was not lost, like most scientist believed. Sea urchins were used, since they have large embryo

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