The Government Of The State Of Gardner Essay

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On behalf of the State of Gardner’s Department of Education, as the senior policy analyst I would like to present the new, “Education Quality Act”. The State of Gardner as you know, has been underperforming academically over the past four years. Gardner, nationally has ranked 47th across the states in public education. Our students attending Gardner’s public system deserve a better education and success rate at passing the state mandated standardized test; which 28% of our students have failed. Consequently, the students are not adatly prepared for the college entrance exams or the aggressive job market. To better serve the educational needs of our students, the State of Gardener has invested a great deal of planning that went into the creation of this Act. The planning, which includes that all students will be required to pass a examination that is a mandatory, standardized exam. The goal for the testing is for all students to pass the examination prior to being promoted to the middle and high schools, as well as graduating from high school. Our students are our greatest stakeholders; for their education, college acceptance, and career opportunties will be largely affected on how well they performed in school. It is for these reasons that the State of Gardener, is fully commited to the educational needs of each and every student. The additionals threats that loom with a child failing the standarized exam, is the funding that is allocated to each city and town.…

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