Essay about The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Tragic heroes occur from a perfect storm of wrongs and a valiant fight against external pressures, ultimately resulting in an untimely death. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic The Great Gatsby explores the rise and tragic downfall of the novel’s protagonist, Jay Gatsby. In Shakespeare’s Othello, the play’s protagonist deteriorates from a well respected General to a delusional murderer. Ultimately, these two men have many similar pressures that impact their fate and encourage their downfall. Blinded by love, the characters fail to notice their descent into lunacy. Further, the influence of others plays an essential role in their deterioration. Thus, appearances give way to reality, ultimately leaving the two men looking foolish and alone. In The Great Gatsby and Othello, the protagonists become tragic heroes by believing in appearances, allowing others to guide their fate and becoming consumed in love, resulting in their downfall and deaths. In The Great Gatsby and Othello, the protagonists are consumed in their love and jealousy toward other characters, which ultimately contributes to their demise. Throughout The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby’s love for Daisy plays a central role, which eventually drives him mad. Gatsby has been away from Daisy for years but he plans many opportunities to meet up with her again, even going so far as to have “Bought that house so that Daisy could be across the bay” (Fitzgerald, 780). Despite the fact that Daisy moves on and marries another man,…

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