Essay The Handkerchief Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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The handkerchief in Othello is very significant to the plot. It influences and affects the main characters in the play. The handkerchief is arguably the central plot because it shows the final hit on Othello’s self-esteem which causes him to downfall. The handkerchief could also be seen as Iago’s cruel plan of his plan to destroy Othello’s relationship. Iago knows that the handkerchief has great meaning to Othello which would make him very angry if he finds out that his wife no longer has it. The handkerchief represents different things for many characters in the play. The main significance of the handkerchief is Othello’s’ love for Desdemona, it is his first gift to her and later in the play it represents the suspicion of Desdemona’s fidelity. The handkerchief has its great significance to Othello as he sees it as the true evidence of Desdemona’s love affair with Cassio. Othello used to see the handkerchief as a symbol of trust and love. Desdemona loses the trust and love because Othello thinks that she gives it to Cassio, Othello sees this as a betrayal. The handkerchief was seen as an eventual betrayal because it seems that giving away her handkerchief is like giving her body to another man. To Othello the handkerchief is very important because it links to his past, the handkerchief was given to him by his mother and he sees it as one of the most sacred things in his life. When Desdemona loses the handkerchief it shows how great of importance it is to him, which leads to…

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