Essay on The High Divorce Rate For Military Families After Deployment

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I was thrilled to be in Hawaii, and it didn 't take long for me to overcome my fear of leaving my family and friends behind. After settling into housing on Schofield Barracks, it didn 't take long for me to get acquainted with the neighborhood wives. Nor, did it take long for them to share their problems they were encountering in their marriages since transferring here. However, I was not prepared to face the reality and rumors I had heard, regarding the high divorce rate for military families after deployment.
Some families were newly married, and some had been married for five years or more. They were all sharing the same concern, which was, they had never dealt with these types of stressors prior to moving here. A lot of the wives did not work because of constantly moving around with their spouses. Some were stay at home wives, and some were seeking employment while working on continuing their education. Some husbands did not want their wives to work, due to insecurities within the marriage.
Many wives were dealing with domestic dispute, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and others were dealing with infidelity issues. They were afraid of seeking counseling through the military, because they did not want to jeopardize creating bigger problems within the marriage, or possibly end their husbands career. One wife said that when she suggested to her husband to seek martial counseling, he went into a rage, told her he did not have a problem, and…

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