The Homework Assignment Haha Well Essay

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Alrighty then. Now onto the homework assignment haha… Well, let me first start with a disclaimer for all I say, but most specifically for deep talks, and theological discussions. I came up with the analogy sometime ago after coming up with this problem. Sometimes I say things I mean one way, and they are interpreted in a totally incorrect way, i.e “The computer (my brain) is working just fine but the printer (my mouth) is out of order!” I say that to give you complete permission to criticize, critique, and question anything and everything I say, with the hope to flush out areas where I made an honest mistake, but more importantly where I may be erring in my views. So long as that particular correction can be made and backed by scripture!

So, much like you, I don’t like labels, tags or titles. Jesus never discriminated against who he healed (tax collector, prostitute etc), or who could love him, or who could listen to his sermons. Ultimately His focus was on the heart, and he came to minister to ALL men. So I claim to be neither calvinist nor arminianist. I am a follower of Jesus. I understand both men’s viewpoints on salvation and sanctification, and justification, are found in the bible (because that’s where they got the material) and are essentially important to know. It’s interesting to me how completely polar opposite they are from each other. Down to both of them having their own versions of (5 Points). I’ve heard one analogy that I really think fits…

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