The Human Genome Project Essay examples

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February 8, 2013

THE Human Genome Project
Today I will be defining the Human Genome project. This is a project to study, research, implement, and produce a DNA sequence of the Human Genome System. The human genome project is working to try and find a way to see what every gene in the human body actually does. They have already done a DNA sequence of human genes. They discovered the human body has more proteins than they first thought; now they have to see what each protein does. When they discover this it might be feasible to actually re-grow human body parts. I learned that one of the first groups to think of sequencing the human genome project was Los Alamos. Everyone thought it was an off the wall
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There are people just like anything else that will try and do bad things with the DNA Like cloning people (Palmer). I have heard that our government is planning on cloning people so they can work for the rich high upper class. If they don’t work then are left to starve and just die off. The government should make it mandatory if you’re in prison you are required by law to give a DNA sample. The government should keep a database of DNA samples, it could help them solve a lot more crimes if someone had it on file already and they match it. It has been found that humans have 30,000 genes barely twice the numbers of your average fruit fly (Davies). What! It seems that everyone carries the cancer gene in their body it is triggered by toxins in the environment. Now they are calling it an environmental disease. The human body has the estimated 30,000 genes; they produce ten times as many proteins. Scientists have to figure out what each protein does in the human body. Each one does something different. This could prove to go on for another decade or more before they find out everything they need to know to do DNA sequencing. I don’t think children should be tested, but if they are you should always be required to get parental consent and have the children’s best interest at heart. Legally why would they want to test a child, oh maybe to see who the father or mother is I guess they have to

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