Essay on The Impact Of Communication On Patient Safety

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from physical harm, such as drug errors and deterioration due to delay in care, but also to psychological harm in the form of decreased satisfaction, well being and confidence in the healthcare system, therefore this essay will examine literature that uses quantifiable harm such as near miss events and drug errors to measure communication efficiency and qualitative studies that measure the same by surveying patients regarding their lived experience during their care.
Impact of communication on safety culture

It is estimated that in developing countries 1 in 10 patients are harmed during hospitalization each year (WHO, 2012). the quality of communication between healthcare professionals can influence patient safety to a great extent, the impact of communication on patient safety cannot be overstated, in fact a large scale study of adverse patient outcomes estimated that 70% were related, at least in part, to poor communication (Leonard et al. 2004 )

Upon reviewing the literature for a specific example of poor communication in handover endangering patient safety, one incident in particular stood out. In 2014 a highly publicized communication error was made at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, wherein a clinician handing over a patient failed to handover that the patient had just returned from a business trip is western africa (Tropello, 2014) the patient was later found to have the deadly ebola virus. This lapse in communication reduced the patient 's chance…

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