Essay on The Impact of Divorce on Children

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The Impact of Divorce on Children

Emily Grandy


The discussion entitled The Impact of Divorce on Children takes an in-depth look at the impact divorce has on children academics. Research has shown that children that have experienced divorce amongst their parents are two times as likely to repeat a grade level. In addition research has discovered children of divorced parents are five times as likely to be expelled or suspended from the school system. College students in research surveys have confessed that being from divorced family have affected their relationship with their parents, and other personal activities. The impact of divorce is not all negative in concerns to a child or adolescences academic performance. The
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The simplification of the process is believed by many researchers as a tactic to create less negative consequences for children involved. But some researchers believe this theory is only relevant if three components are present. The argument made is that because getting a divorce is simpler an increase in divorce rates will occur. In the second argument researchers explain that alterations in divorce procedures only have an influence on families and children through their effect on the propensity to divorce. Lastly theory that drives criticism of simpler divorce procedures is that divorce has a contrary influence of children. To disprove these arguments an experimental study was done. Researchers Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano and Daniela Vuri (2007) reevaluated a theory that used a nationally representative sample of youth from the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1998.

Researchers took a detailed look at the correlation between parental divorce and students’ performance of standardized test. The researchers used this method because test scores are usually used to evaluate a student’s academic performance, teachers, and schools. The researchers also took the stance that the methods showed identifying expectations that parental divorce is interrelated to undetected family characteristics. The characteristics could be a factor that may influence children’s outcomes in the future. The major

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