The Importance Of Skills And Knowledge At The Arts Essay

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Janice, who I liked a lot when I got to know her, did not prove as helpful as I had hoped. “Look at the breakdown of the standards I gave you, and evaluate the piece of art on those” “But it’s not a piece of art, it’s a weather chart and a poorly done one at that!” “If you look closely it probably meets something in the standards.” Stressed out I went back and forth for several days, destroyed my nails biting them, and drove my husband to distraction before grudgingly awarding Standard 1.1 at a 1, only justifying it because it was his personal intention. That is a decision I still question to this day.
Content Standard 1: All students will apply skills and knowledge to perform in the arts.

Standard Explanation Unpacking
Apply materials, techniques, media technology, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that personal intentions are carried out in artworks. Level One:
Demonstrates one of these abilities.
Level Two:
Demonstrates two of these abilities.
Level Three:
Demonstrates three of these abilities.
Intentionally use art material and tools effectively to communicate ideas. Level One:
Basic communication attempted.
Level Two:
Further explanation using at least 2 descriptors.
Level Three:
Technical skill shown in the artwork and detailed explanation of art using at least three details.
Figure 2: Standard breakdowns for high school V.A.1.1, V.A.1.2 I don’t recall if it had been explicitly said, but the implication was that we…

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