The Invention Of The Kodak Camera Essay

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Guys like George Eastman help create the modern camera technology several hundred years ago. Although the cameras created weren’t the types of cameras that we know in today’s day, they were still ahead of their time when it came to the technology and materials that they needed too invent a camera. Until 1885 when the modern photograph film technology created by Eastman that jump-started the inventions of cameras and its popularity around the world. Eastman also introduced the first Kodak camera. By inventing the Kodak camera it opened up many opportunities for the people in the camera business.
The first Kodak camera, which was in the shape of box, was sold with 100 rolls of film already loaded inside for consumers to send their snapshots to a film company so they can develop it. After the companies develop the film they would make new film so the owner of the camera or film can take more pictures with it. This method for cameras didn’t last long because a new advancement by Eastman in 1901.
In 1901 Eastman used his very own technology and created a new advancement called the Brownie. This new brownie camera was not only capable of taking snapshots but it was also small enough for the consumers to carry around the camera with them. The brownie camera was the go to camera for most families because of it were affordability and because you could carry it around easily on vacations and special occasions to create memories. The brownie camera stayed popular because they marketed…

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