Essay on The Korean War : Action And Reaction

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The Korean War: Action and Reaction The most interesting fact that I learned recently is that my grandmother had gone through the devastating Korean War when she was only 9-year old. To me, who spent more than ten years of my childhood with my grandmother rather than my parents, the fact that my grandmother was once a war refugee did not match up with my depiction of her as an optimistic and dedicated pharmacist who loved helping other people. The general image of war refugees which i have built by watching movies and television programs is slightly depressed people who are trying hard to overcome their loss during the war, but from my childhood depiction of my grandmother, I could not find a single common feature between her and war refugees. My grandmother also barely talked about the Korean War when I was living with her, so I had to make sure multiple times that she was born before the Korean War before the interview. I had to use Skype to call my grandmother since she still lives in Korea. When she responded to my call, I was able to see her house, my childhood house, in the background with my grandmother’s warming disarming smile. Thanks to her warm greetings I was able to start the interview more easily which may or may not become her recollection of unfavorable experiences during her childhood years. When I asked my grandmother about the war, she started off her story by saying that was only second grade in elementary school in 1950 when the Korean War had…

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