The Livestock And Green Revolution Essay

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The livestock and green revolution are two agricultural events that will take place within the next 50 years that say that we will need to increase production of plants and livestock products to meet the demands of the growing population. There are many ways that we can increase the number of agricultural products as in using genetic markers, mapping the DNA of animals, cloning, embryo transfers, and finding best practices to increase the productivity of species. So, should farmers and ranchers be able to manipulate genes with biotech to produce or increase in animals’ productivity?
When farmer and ranchers can change in animals’ genetic makeup to increase certain traits like marveling of meat and can increase the size of the animal, one may also make greater resistance to disease that they are prone to, their called genetically modified organisms or GMO. “Early farmers were practicing a crude and unscientific form of genetic modification as they learned to separate desirable crop varieties from feral plants in order to prevent the mingling of undesirable varieties with those selected for growing” (Nelson 23). A few methods they might use to change animal’s genetic makeup is crossbreeding, line breeding to find traits that benefit them and the animal. Crossbreeding is commonly used for farming and ranching fields. In the article “Crossbreeding influences of dairy breeds cattle on average lactating and on average productivity” they had a trial of purebred Holstein and mixed…

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