The Manipulation Of Human Form And Social Ideologies Through His Formation Of Progressive Capitalist Society

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Ishiguro shows the manipulation of human form and social ideologies through his formation of progressive capitalist society in Never Let Me Go. To show this truth, Ishiguro touches on many aspects of the society through his way of writing, first of all, he shows the way the capital society is able to exploit people and make them happy with the control it holds on them. Secondly he shows how people who hold control over other, and can convince them that any other different group of people is less of a human. After, Ishiguro touches on the idea of moral relativism and how in this progressive society misused it to show cloning as something totally fine and acceptable, which makes the vast majority, agree on it. Then he shows how group of people is able to manipulate other group and convince them of the purpose they were created for. Then, he put the light of the human form itself such as cloning and how it cause identity problems. He keeps touching on the idea of human form manipulation and he refers to the biological and ethical limits that this manipulation should consider. In the end his writing style in this novel and how he views ninety percent of the novel through the eyes of Kathy, conveys manipulation throughout the novel. Ishiguro build his novel over the idea of manipulation in different ways. Therefore, his writing style in this novel shows that if somebody is holding control over what people should know and when they should know it, is able to control their…

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