The Moor Of Venice And Love Is All You Need? Directed By Kim Rocco Shields

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As members of a community, we all actively value our peers and have come to respect the impact they have on our ideologies. This displays how individuals find the strongest sense of belonging through their connections to the community. As individuals, and members of a community, we may find that our values may not correspond with what is seen as ‘standard’ or ‘morally correct’. This causes the individual to feel a sense of not belonging and/or slightly isolated because the community is not always tolerant of differentiations, hence the idea of social prejudice. The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice written by Shakespeare and Love is All You Need? directed by Kim Rocco Shields are two texts that embody the idea of not belonging based on social prejudice. The texts explore sexuality-based social prejudice and racial-based social prejudice.

A strong sense of identity is dependant on individual and social standing in the community. From this, we can say that one’s identity and self-perception may develop through the process of belonging. In a world where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is taboo, Ashley (a closet-heterosexual) struggles to belong and adjust with whom she really is based on social prejudice. Throughout the short film, she has to deal with her mothers’ close-minded discourse on the topic of heterosexuality and face the wrath of her fanatical tormentors. The short-film features slight intertexuality, with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet being…

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