Essay about The Mountains Of The Himalayas

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The Himalayas are home to some of the tallest mountains in the world, including Everest. For most of history people have wondered and disputed about how it was that these mountains formed. Many people devote much of their lives to researching and learning about how these mountains came to be. One of these people is Professor Mike Searle. Known as one of the best in his field, Searle is a geologist that is behind much of the recent research and discoveries on the Himalayas. Searle wrote the book Colliding Continents to express his discoveries of the Himalayan mountains to consumers interested in the topic. In this book Searle provides many lines of evidence used to understand the formation of the Himalayas. Some of these are the rocks collected in Baltoro, the rocks of the Annapurna sanctuary, and the presence of rocks with fossils of sea life at the peak of everest.

In 1984, Searle and others went on an expedition to do mapping and collect rock samples around the Baltoro glacier and K2. They spent about three months on expedition around this area. Searle collected and sent off about 200 kg of rock samples on this expedition. To Searles excitement, the majority of the rocks collected were metamorphic rocks. Tests indicated that some of the rocks were formed at extremely high pressures. Because they were under such high pressures the rocks collected had at some point undergone partial melting, or migmatization. Most of the peaks along the mountain range they were in were…

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