The Nature Of Human And Animal Cloning Essay

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About Cloning
Depending on what type of person you talk to they might have a different opinion on human and animal cloning, some might agree with it and others may disagree. Cloning is a word that “describes a number of different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity” (Cloning Fact Sheet). The material that is created from cloning has the exact same makeup genetically as the original subject. There have been many things that researchers have been able to clone including genes, cells, and whole organisms. When it comes to cloning it does sometimes happen naturally, but it is also done artificially. There are three types of artificial cloning which are called gene cloning, therapeutic cloning, and reproductive cloning. Gene cloning is when actually pieces of DNA get cloned, reproductive cloning is when an entire organism gets copied like an animal for example, and therapeutic cloning is when stem cells are used to try to create new tissue to replace tissue that is injured inside of people.
Support for Cloning
Different scientists will say there are different reasons why cloning is good and should be done. According to scientists the main pros of cloning are that defective genes could be eliminated, it could lead to people recovering faster from bad injuries, and it could eliminate infertility. As humans reproduce continually their DNA lines can be damaged and “this creates mutations and defective genes, but these could be…

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