The Perfect Villain : Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Perfect Villain
The thing that marks perfect villainy is the willingness and ease to be undeniably evil and having no qualms about being diabolical or having no regard for human morality. One of the most vile, manipulative, and malicious villains in classic literature is found in William Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy, “Othello.” Iago is the epitome of a perfect villain. He knows people’s weaknesses and manipulates it to his own advantage. Throughout the play, Shakespeare proves that everyone has a hamartia. Iago’s manipulative nature proves to be the perfect weapon in bringing the downfall of his enemies. Othello, the tragedy’s protagonist, falls prey to Iago’s malice and is targeted for a nasty and successful plot for revenge. The fatal flaw of the protagonist Othello, is used against him as he is tricked and influenced by Iago. “Othello” shows that while a person’s Achilles heel may go unnoticed to the rest of the average population, if a perfect villain such as Iago is around it may bring the downfall of the most honorable characters.
Much like a master chess player, Iago strategizes and manipulates his enemies into inescapable traps. Fueled by a jealous hatred for Othello, Iago sets out at the beginning of the play to put an end to him. Iago knew how to play each character’s personality to his advantage, and to get them to believe every word he said; even earning the nickname “Honest Iago.”
He tactically used the hamartia of others in order to achieve his goal.…

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