Essay The Plague Of The Bubonic Plague

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Throughout European trading, and the exploration of new trade routes, the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death, was a disease that killed millions of people that was brought to many countries through various different means of transportation. The first origin of the disease started in the 12th century in the late 20’s. The disease was caused by the bite of an infected flea or rat. The medical term for the disease is what is known as the Bubonic Plague. At the time, while treating this highly contagious disease, doctors coated themselves in head to toe gear as they believed that this disease was polluted air. This disease caused many horrible symptoms in many people such as: high fevers, aching limbs, vomiting blood, diarrhea, and then soon, death. The first report of the Bubonic Plague reported deaths in China, which a was part of the Mongolian Empire at the time. The Mongolians wanted to have complete control over the trade routes used so they could control the trade, money, and loot. One of the Mongolian’s tactics was to find dead bodies and infect enemies, or other armies with it. They would catapult the dead bodies they found over walls or other barriers in an attempt that it would give others the disease and lead to death. Sicily, an island in Italy, was one of the first places to actually get infected by the Plague. The Plague came in through ship routes from Mongolia, to the Black Sea, to the island of Sicily. The Plague then spread through other trade…

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