The Plague Of The Bubonic Plague Essay

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This class was focused on many aspects of different infectious diseases. The bubonic plague was one that I personally found very interesting because it’s something that I have always learned about in grade school. I always found it interesting, but we were never taught about it in depth. I was really excited to take this course for many reasons. Learning in depth about the bubonic plague was one of those reasons. The lesson on the bubonic plague was what intriguing and really fun to learn about because I learned about more than just the disease. I learned about the historical impact of the disease on human society, and also the impact of society on the disease. The bubonic plague had a disastrous effect in history and on human society; the disease also had a lasting effect on society. The bubonic plague came in waves, history was shaped by the disastrous path of destruction it left in its wake and how society was able to handle the disease. The bubonic plague, also known as the black death or even by its scientific name Yersinia Pestis, came in three major waves. The disease is a bacterial infection. The bubonic plague is spread through animals and fleas that are infected by the disease. This disease came in three waves. It is easy to break it down this way because the waves happened at different time periods. The first wave is known as the Plague of Justinian. It reportedly took place 540-590 CE according to Procopius. The pandemic affected the Byzantine Empire. It…

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