The Plague Of The Bubonic Plague Essay

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Most know it as the plague that wiped out about 50% of England’s population, but this epidemic actually originated in China circa the 1330s. China was big in the trading industry, its ships infected with the disease stricken fleas on black rats carried this disease down the Mediterranean, over to Europe in the 1340’s. This is when the Bubonic Plague became a big part of history as the “Black Death”. After 5 long years and 1/3 of Europe’s people deceased, the worst of it was over. Although, the disease didn’t disappear until the 1600s. This highly contagious zoonotic disease (like avian or swine flu) also has a very fast mortality rate. Killing someone in under 24 hours in some cases. There are three different types to this painful plague that makes the spread of it all the quicker. Each type you can get depends on how the virus enters your body. First is the Bubonic Plague, an infection of the lymph system caused by a bite of an infected flea. Second is Septicemic Plague, an infection of the blood (most deadly) also caused by a bite, the virus entering broken skin, or a bubonic infection that spread to the bloodstream. And finally, Pneumonic Plague, infection of the lungs, and the most contagious. When an infected person coughs the droplets of bacteria are released and if breathed in by another, they will most likely contract the disease. (3) There are over 1500 species of fleas and only 30 are vectors of carrying the plague. Though, the plague is adaptable and can live on…

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